To educate institutions and communities about the importance of good health and wellness to help them succeed in 21st Century lifestyles.


Exousia Dance and Fitness is designed to meet the needs of children and adults who need to exercise to improve their fitness levels.  It is an arts and cultural organization, dedicated to supporting the creative, educational and vocational development of youth and families.  Exousia strives to enhance the lives of participants by providing programs in dance and health awareness.  Students and their families are encouraged to be leaders, developing their unique capabilities and potentials.  Through Exousia’s method of teaching, students and families experience the joy of learning in and through dance movement.

Exousia Dance and Fitness offers teaching artists to classroom, dance centers and educators interested in using movement and dance to develop students’ movement skills, dance making and artistic expression. Our classes and workshops are also designed to support academic learning. We connect the teaching artist with children, families and schools in creative partnerships for teaching and learning. Exousia Dance and Fitness has established a dance exercise program to promote good health and dance as an artistic expression for the whole child. This supports children to become lifelong learners. Our classes are aimed primarily at inner city children and covers diverse cultures within the New York metropolitan area, from elementary to high school level.   The program is developmentally appropriate for each child. Our classes help children obtain their full potential in the dance arts while elevating their health and fitness level. Through dance and aerobics, students learn about health, fitness and performance. Students also learn about their bodies and how to use their bodies efficiently. Most of all, the program provides a therapeutic outlet for children.