Bethesda Movement Therapy

ReflectionBethesda is a movement therapy work-out that brings intensive healing for physical and emotional wholeness to the imbalances of everyday life. Set to the pulsating beat of drum music, it is a combination of West African, Afro-Caribbean and dance fitness movements, with a vocabulary for all levels.

Bethesda dance movements are designed to improve cardiovascular respiratory fitness, burn calories and improve muscular endurance, strength and flexibility.  All classes begin with a rhythmic warm-up followed by a section of high/low impact African and dance fitness.  Each class concludes with muscle conditioning using training aids: dyna-bands, body sticks and weights to encourage body sculpting and toning.  The drum music adds inspiration to the workout and leaves participants feeling spiritually and mentally uplifted. Students learn how to stay physically fit and how to maintain a fitness program and proper eating regime.  Bethesda dance movements provide a varied approach to fitness education, which helps to build a lifelong habit of physical activity in non-competitive atmosphere.  Our program presents specific methods to stretch and strengthen the body, and to help students feel better, have more energy and experience their own natural serenity.  Their body image and quality of life are improved. Bethesda dance movement classes are meant to strengthen, tone, and stimulate the various system of the body.  Taking classes consecutively enhances their positive physical, and mental, and psychological effects.

For more information about Bethesda Movement Therapy workshops, classes, lectures and one-on-one training, contact Miss Jacqueline Gaffney at  917 557-5672,, or